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No, Not All Brexit Supporters Are 'Idiots'

Leading intellectuals have launched a nationwide campaign in support of Brexit. They demand an end to patronizing "propaganda" that portrays Leave voters as "idiots," British newspaper The Sunday Times reports.

The group consists of renowned economists, historians, philosophers, scientists, experts in foreign and domestic policy, and lawyers. One of their main goals is to prove to voters -- and especially to the Remain camp -- that it's wrong to pretend that Britain's intellectual leaders are all in favor of the country staying in the European Union.

Interestingly enough, the group also includes some intellectuals who voted to remain in the EU in 2016, but who have switched sides after the referendum, believing it to be a major mistake for Britain's establishment to ignore the results. Doing so, they argue, "would outrage democratic sovereignty, cause dangerous and lasting dissension, and make the United Kingdom an international laughing stock."

Some important names are Dr. Graham Gudgin (economist) and Professor Robert Tombs (historian) of Cambridge University. They are joined by former MI6 (Britain's intelligence agency focused on foreign affairs) chief Sir Richard Dearlove, Oxford Law professor Dr. Richard Ekins and Labour (read: Social Democrat) member of the House of Lords Lord Glasman.

Gudgin and Tombs have also launched a website, BriefingsForBrexit.com, where several fascinating briefings have already been published. These include "Recent Estimates of the Impact of Brexit," "Macron's Vision and the Remainer Project: A Crisis for What?" and "The EU: Peacemaker or Disturber of the Peace?"

As is all too often the case when academics have the courage to speak out against the Politically Correct Truth propagated by The Powers That Be, some contributors to the site fear they'll be ostracized. "One of our contributors said he was told by a  younger pro-Brexit colleague," Gudgin says, "that his professor had told him that people who voted for Brexit were the sort of people who sent his relatives to concentration camps." As a result, the decision was made to publish some briefings anonymously.

In normal times it wouldn't be very shocking for a group of leading intellectuals to join forces, but that's different nowadays. Remain voters have consistently been portrayed as dim-witted and even downright idiotic by the Remain camp -- and especially by the mainstream media. They're supposedly lower educated, lower class, and making less than Remain voters. In other words, they're little more than the scum of the earth. Or so the Remain camp would have us believe.

As Gudgin and Tombs prove, that negative image of Leave voters is nonsense. There is a good, intellectually sound case to be made for Brexit, which is why many thought leaders were happy to support the Leave camp -- and why they're going public now to defend the referendum results. Let's hope they have an impact; organizing a second referendum would be disastrous for Brits' faith in their democratic system.