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Nights of Violent Muslim Protests in French Suburbs After Police Shooting

It's not the kind of thing the major media outlets might obsess over -- I mean, there's hardly a Russian spy under a mattress to be found -- but the ongoing riots in Nantes, France, deserve your attention.

According to GEFIRA, the uncivil unrest in the Nantes "suburbs" began "after the police stopped and shot an alleged criminal, named Abubakar," whom the report describes as an "African migrant." Ouest-France says that the officer responsible has been indicted but released under judicial supervision, a decision which has contributed to "migrant" outrage.

On the off chance you didn't already know, "African migrants" is code for "violence-prone Muslim males," and "suburbs" means "the not-so-nice part of town dominated by 'African migrants'."

That said, this is bad news in so many ways, but the most telling is this claim from Zero Hedge that "there are signs that white French bourgeoisie youth will join the violent protests, like Black bloc and Antifa."

When things go bad in Europe, the street fighting -- and there does always seem to be street fighting -- is between the national socialists and the international socialists, over who gets to take over the government. But today those African migrants make up a major third street-fighting element. And aside from deploying riot police -- and France has some damn fine riot police, lot of practice -- Paris doesn't seem to care very much. They certainly don't care enough to remedy the underlying maladies.

And so it goes.

More to come, I'm sure -- and not just from Nantes.