NHS Patient Asks for Female Nurse But Gets Tattooed Trans Man With Stubble Instead

A pride parade makes it's way through a city street with signs of protest for trans rights

This is a 21st century story that perfectly demonstrates the chasm of understanding between elites and ordinary people.

A female patient in Great Britain asked for a female nurse to take a cervical smear. But the nurse they sent in wasn't exactly what the patient had in mind.


A woman who requested a female nurse for an intimate procedure was given an “obviously male” member of staff with stubble and tattoos, who claimed to be a transsexual.

The National Health Service (NHS) patient said she was “embarrassed and distressed” when summoned by a nurse with “an obviously male appearance … close-cropped hair, a male facial appearance and voice, large number of tattoos and facial stubble” to carry out a cervical smear, The Times reports.

When she pointed out what she thought was a mistake, the nurse told her off: “My gender is not male. I’m a transsexual.”

Speaking after the examination, which she ultimately decided to abandon, the patient said it was “weird where somebody says to you: ‘My gender is not male’ and you think: ‘Well, what does that even mean? You are clearly a man.’ ”

We are told by elites to suspend our belief in things like simple biology and substitute their version of reality. Not because there is a scientific basis for a man to claim to be a woman based solely on his own "identity," but because it is the politically correct thing to do.

The confusion of the female patient speaks volumes.