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New Jersey Bar Will Raise Money for Veterans Instead of Showing NFL Games

The national anthem protests by players and coaches in NFL are dragging on well into the season, despite the fact that the fans have been annoyed about them from the very beginning. This is largely due to the fact that Roger Goodell never met an internal problem he couldn't thoroughly mismanage.

The fans have been letting the league know that they aren't pleased by not watching as much anymore, but one tavern in New Jersey is taking it up a notch.

News 12 New Jersey reports that Woody's Roadside Tavern in Farmingdale, NJ, will be honoring the request of  local Army veteran Andy Barcellona and boycotting the games in honor of Veterans Day.

The bar will be donating a portion of food sales to a veterans charity instead, a decision bar owner Chris Maltese says is "the right thing to do."

Woody's won't be the only establishment or group in the U.S. to turn their backs on NFL games for Veterans Day. Boycotts are planned in Pennsylvania, Louisiana, and Texas, to mention a few.

Will Roger Goodell and the team owners pay any attention? Probably, but they won't do much about it.