New CNN Poll: Majority Now Against Impeaching Trump

A new CNN poll shows a majority of Americans are opposed to impeaching Donald Trump. In September, a plurality of 47 percent supported impeaching the president. Today, 50 percent say Trump shouldn't be removed from office.

Americans break against that idea, according to a new CNN poll conducted by SSRS. Half, 50%, say they don't feel that Trump ought to be impeached and removed from office, while 43% say he should be. Support for impeachment has dipped some since September, when 47% favored it, and is about the same as in a June poll (42% favored it then). Support for impeachment of Trump remains higher than it was for each of the last three presidents at any time it was asked. It's on par with President Richard Nixon, who 43% of Americans said should be impeached and removed from office in a March 1974 Harris poll.

The shift on impeachment comes mostly from political independents. In September, they were evenly split on the question, with 48% behind impeachment and 47% opposed. Now, 36% favor impeachment and 55% are opposed.

There's also been a meaningful shift on the question among younger adults (53% of those under age 45 backed impeachment in September, now that's down to 45%) and racial and ethnic minorities (66% favored it in September, 50% do now).

Is it just a coincidence that as the Russian collusion hysteria has disappeared down the rabbit hole — to be replaced by Michael Cohen hysteria — support for impeaching Trump has faded?

Just 12 percent of Democrats do not support impeaching the president. This doesn't prove polarization as much as it shows how deluded Democrats are as a party and why they are going to lose the presidency again in 2020.

This tweet is instructive:

The Democrats haven't had a serious agenda since 2008. In 2012, it was "re-elect the first black president." In 2016, it was "elect the first female president." What can they possibly offer the voters in 2020? "Medicare for all"? Faster, please. Free college tuition? Oh, yeah.