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Need to Ensure the Sex You're about to Have Is Consensual? There's an App for That

Developers are creating a new app that will record consent for sex, and create legally binding agreements among the participants. Called LegalFling, the app will allow users to hit a button when they're about to get down, send each other a request, and create a record of the consensual nature of the hookup. It will also allow continuing agreements for ongoing relationships.

LegalFling bills itself as "Safe sex redefined," with the claim that, "LegalFling is the first blockchain based app to verify explicit consent before having sex."

The website explains why the developers are hoping to create this app, noting changing attitudes towards consensual premarital sex:

Safe sex is not only about using physical protection. It's about consenting to what will happen in the bedroom.

#metoo dominated Twitter in 2017. Sweden is going to implement a new law that requires explicit consent before sexual contact. More countries are following their example. Sex should not only be fun. It should also be safe for everyone. Asking someone to sign a contract before the fun starts is a little uncomfortable. A simple swipe is easy as 1,2,3.

LegalFling is also good to have around when your fling turns into something steady. Think of a spicy photo or video you made with your partner. You don't want that to go viral when the relationship ends. We've added these as extra possible clauses one should consent with before the act, so your fun is not shared with the rest of the world afterwards.

They list a host of potential advantages, including ease of use, personalized boundaries for sexual behavior, and legally binding penalty clauses. There's even an option to send a "Fling request" to more than one user — "when one guy or girl just won't do".

Other options include listing STDs, permissions to take photos and videos, and matching sexual preferences:

Easy as one, two, three

During a fun night you meet your fling. Now it's time to get consent. Does your fling really want to take it further? Simply open the LegalFling app, scroll to your contacts and send a request. Your sexual preferences, including your do's and don'ts are automatically communicated.

Are you into BDSM but your fling isn't? LegalFling matches sexual preferences automatically, so you're immediately aware what your fling doesn't appreciate and will not consent to.

Hopefully, you will not be needing this further down the road. But just in case, feel safe knowing that there is a legally binding agreement. Any violation can be dealt with quickly and privately.

On one hand, it seems legally prudent to take steps to ensure that couples record consent ahead of time, given the volatile and litigious nature of society today around issues of sexual assault. The Aziz Ansari accusations demonstrate the ease with which consent can be misinterpreted after the fact.