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Nationally Recognized Veterans' Advocate Removed from High School Ceremony for Being Conservative

The Southwick-Tolland-Granville Regional School District in Massachusetts worked with their local VFW chapter to dedicate a newly constructed foyer to alumni who were killed in combat while serving in the armed forces. A dedication ceremony scheduled for May 21 will highlight veterans and their sacrifices for their nation and their community. Kyle Reyes, an alumnus of the school, was scheduled as the keynote speaker. Now, the superintendent has removed Reyes from the program. The reason? Reyes is an unapologetic Christian conservative.

Reyes is a public speaker, runs a marketing firm, and has been named the national spokesman for Law Enforcement Today. He is passionate about supporting veterans and first responders, having created over 160 episodes of Behind The Uniforms. Reyes uses this video series to highlight the men and women who serve in the armed forces and first responders, giving them a spotlight and the opportunity to tell their stories.

Imagine his surprise when he got the news he's been branded an anti-gay bigot.

The school superintendent thinks Reyes would make the students feel unsafe. That’s the message delivered to Reyes, anyway.

In a Facebook post, Reyes writes,

When I was chosen to be the Master of Ceremonies and Keynote speaker at an event honoring these fallen alumni at my alma mater of Southwick-Tolland-Granville Regional School District, I was honored. The VFW Post 872 invited me because of the work we do in the veteran and law enforcement communities. It never was and never would have been about politics. The fact that the VFW was forced by the superintendent to un-invite me because I'm a Conservative spits on the graves of these veterans who fought for a country of FREEDOM.

I was going to talk about how on 9/11, I sat in that high school and watched the Twin Towers fall. That day changed the course of my future and that of so many others. Many of the men and women I'm proud to call friends and family went on to serve our country after that day. Many paid the ultimate sacrifice. Many continue to make sacrifices, having to spend a lifetime dealing with PTS, missing limbs and other combat related injuries.

In an interview with PJ Media, Reyes says that the school superintendent refused to talk to him, but told the head of the VFW in no uncertain terms why Reyes was not welcome at the ceremony. "So the head of the VFW was specifically told that I was uninvited because the students would feel unsafe around me because I'm conservative," Reyes said, adding that the Second Amendment "had nothing to do with it."

"The only thing that was mentioned in passing, and it was completely unquantified, was the conservative stances on homosexuality. Nobody said anything to me. It's pretty funny, because I could care less who you sleep with," he said.