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N.J. Union Honcho Brags About 'Bending the Truth' to Defend Abusive, Drugged-Out, Shoplifting Teachers

Dr. David Perry talks to an undercover Project Veritas journalist.

It's no secret that teachers' unions have a habit of protecting bad teachers to the detriment of the nation's students, but how far will they go to protect an incompetent—even abusive—teacher?

That question is answered in Project Veritas' latest undercover investigation targeting Hamilton Township Education Association (HTEA), a teachers' union in New Jersey.

In the videos below, a Project Veritas (PV) undercover journalist gets Dr. David Perry, president of HTEA, to admit on tape that his union is willing to "bend the truth" to "defend even the worst people" and hide a potential crime.

The PV journalist, posing as the sister-in-law of a middle-school teacher who had assaulted a student, paid Perry a visit to ask for advice. The resulting sting video is quite an eye-opener.

The union chief told the woman that her (fictional) brother-in-law needed to keep quiet about the assault and come to his office and file a report immediately.

"Listen," Perry said. "If he hit the kid, he hit the kid. It is what it is. We… by him coming to us, only protects him down the road. For one, if the parents turn around, or the kid goes and tells somebody, and the parents come in and nothing’s said… or something is obviously said at this point, he would be under our control and he’d have an attorney immediately for free."

He explained that it was important for the woman's "brother-in-law" to tell the union his side of the story because at some point the student could come forward if the teacher "pisses this kid off again."

Perry explained that because the woman's brother-in-law was supposedly a "tenured" teacher, it would be very difficult to fire him.

"In New Jersey, teachers gain tenure after four years. Once they have it, they are protected by a multitude of union rules," Project Veritas founder James O'Keefe explained. Perry told the PV journalist that in order for a tenured teacher to get fired, "something horrific" would have to occur, like "beating up a kid where there was blood, raping, sexual conduct…"

Perry stressed that it was very important to stay quiet about what happened unless it "comes up."

"If it should come up. If this…if nobody brings it up from school, I don’t say boo," he said. "You don’t wanna bring attention to this. You know what I mean? Because obviously, it wasn’t big enough for him, for that student to complain, ‘I got hurt, I was… I was beaten, I was threatened, I was boom.’ You know what I’m saying?"

Perry added that he's seen situations where a teacher has actually threatened a student: "Unless, of course, and I’ve had this, where the teacher would say ‘You say anything, I’ll kill you.’"