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Mt. Kilauea Has a Twitter Account and It's Trash-Talking Other Mountains

Almost since I first joined Twitter, I have enjoyed casting a wide net as far as who I follow or simply put on various lists. That's one of the many things that makes Twitter more fun than Facebook -- you can lurk and check anyone out.

The other thing that sets Twitter apart from Facebook is that there are still a lot of accounts that have a sense of humor and still want to have a good time. Like in the olden days of social media.

Enter Mt. Kilauea, the recently hyperactive volcano in Hawaii. Turns out is has a Twitter account and I added it to a list sometime recently.

Some of the most entertaining accounts on Twitter are those that feature fictional and/or inanimate objects, like the classic Sweet Meteor O'Death, or the goofy Big Ben clock feed, which just bongs out whatever time it is in London every hour.

The Mt. Kilauea account has been having some fun with the accounts of other mountains like Everest and Mt. St. Helens because this mountain thing seems to really be taking off on Twitter.

Here are a few for your early week enjoyment.

1: Mt. Kilauea likes to keep us up to date.

2: Mt. St. Helens is unimpressed.

3: Wait for it.

4: Mountain pride, mountain shade.

5: That escalated quickly.

There are a few more gems, and if Kilauea keeps active, this is sure to go on for a while.

The animosity between it  and Everest seems a little too deep for either to let go.