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MSNBC Mistakes Trump Administration's Raj Shah for Obama Administration's Rajiv Shah

There's a thing where racists supposedly think all members of one ethnicity look alike. While it doesn't actually make someone racist to not recognize the feature variations of an ethnic group he hasn't been as exposed to, the Left likes to think it does. Which makes Leftist news network MSNBC's gaffe even more hilarious.

MSNBC host Chris Hayes was talking about White House deputy press secretary Raj Shah. As usual on television news, if you're going to talk about someone, you show an image of them.

However, apparently his staff didn't bother to look too deep. Either that, or they figured all people of Indian descent look alike. They showed a photo of former Obama administration official Rajiv Shah.

While the names are very similar, a news show should know these are two different people.

Playing by the Left's own rules, this should be a massive, racially charged incident at MSNBC, one that should require firings and self-flagellation by the network in order to atone for the sin of WrongThink. If this had been Fox News or any other conservative network, the Leftist media would be abuzz over the racist overtones of the mistake.

Yet when they do it ... well, it's just not that big of a deal.