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The Morning Briefing: Trump, McConnell, Weinstein, and Much, Much More

Good Tuesday morning.

I have a condensed version of the Briefing for you today.

Here is what's on the President's agenda today:

  • In the morning, President Donald J. Trump will meet with Secretary of Defense James Mattis.
  • In the afternoon, the President will greet Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras of Greece, meet with him, and have a working luncheon with him.
  • The President and Prime Minister Tsipras will then hold a joint press conference.
  • Later in the afternoon, the President will participate in a Diwali ceremonial lighting of the Diya.
  • In the evening, the President will the depart the White House en route to the Marriott Marquis Washington, D.C. to give remarks to the Heritage Foundation’s President’s Club Meeting.
  • The President will then return to the White House.

Quote of the day: “I’ve got as many Republican fans as Democrats and I don’t want to make any of them mad at me, so I don’t play politics,” said Dolly Parton.

Historical picture of the day:

Mother Teresa pictured on Wednesday, October 17, 1979, at her home in Calcutta reading a foreign news dispatch regarding her selection as the 1979 Nobel Peace Prize winner. This was the first news reaching her on the award.(AP PHOTO/SANTOSH BASA)

Other morsels:

North Korea says 'a nuclear war may break out any moment'

McCain slams 'half-baked, spurious nationalism' sweeping US in passionate speech

Comey drafted letter on Clinton email investigation before completing interviews, FBI confirms

Hillary Clinton breaks toe after falling down stairs during her London book tour

Gavin Polone on Harvey Weinstein and Who's to Blame: "Accomplices Must Be Exposed"

‘Beautiful Girls’ writer Scott Rosenberg says ‘everybody f--king knew’ about Harvey Weinstein

Trump says he’ll tell Bannon to stop picking on Mitch McConnell’s friends

Trump White House fed up with the Senate

UN Accused of ‘Blackmailing’ Israeli Telecomm Company to Cut Services to Jews

EPA head seeks to avoid settlements with green groups

U.S. police deaths on duty spiked in 2016: FBI

NFL to tackle protests as Trump decries 'disrespectful' players

Wisconsin governor tells NFL players to stop anthem protests

Schumer: Trump must withdraw drug czar pick

Explosive ‘60 Minutes’ investigation finds Congress and drug companies worked to cripple DEA’s ability to fight opioid abuse

HS marching band members walk off field during national anthem; spectators reportedly curse at them

Jesus minimized in new Museum of the Bible

WINE COUNTRY FIRE: Woman arrested for allegedly stealing credit cards, checkbooks from fire victims

NBC Fires ‘Today’ Editor Who Leaked Lawrence O’Donnell Video Freakout

Florida declares state of emergency ahead of Richard Spencer speech

Man with ‘Pornstar’ Tattoo Arrested for Assaulting, Groping Woman

Taliban claim deadly trio of attacks on Afghan police

7-Eleven Patron Busted In Nacho Cheese Attack