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The Morning Briefing: The Media Gets Its Gun Control Showcase and Much, Much More

Good Thursday morning.

Here's what's on the president's agenda today:

  • The president receives his daily intelligence briefing
  • Later the president will meet with State and local officials on school safety

CNN hosts Second Amendment roast

Full disclosure, I watched about 10 minutes of CNN's town hall and had to turn it off. Too ridiculous. The Florida school shooting tragedy has been exploited to promote a gun control agenda. How can I tell? Because there is little to no focus on what went wrong or what failures led up to a violent and unstable person legally acquiring a gun used to murder 17 people in a Florida school. There is no examination of a system that failed (yet again), nor are there calls to fix the system, only calls to ban guns, ban high-capacity magazines or ban things that are already illegal. It's unfortunate because those of us who are Second Amendment supporters are no less likely to get killed or wounded by someone who should not be in possession of a firearm. People like us also have an interest in keeping firearms away from violent monsters. But there are only two different approaches to reducing gun crimes: fortify a system to keep guns away from bad guys or simply keep guns away from everyone. I know which side I am on.

CASE STUDY: Gun control doesn't stop malefactors from amassing weapons

I didn't even need to look very hard to find an example of failed "gun control" laws. This occurred yesterday in the gun-hostile state of California.

On Feb. 16, two days after the Florida high school massacre, the 17-year-old boy allegedly said "he was going to shoot up the school some time in the next three weeks," Sheriff Jim McDonnell said at a news conference today.

Guess what they found in his home? "Authorities found two AR-15s, two handguns, and 90 high-capacity magazines at the teen's home..." Really? Are these things legal in California: high capacity magazines and AR-15s? How did he get these guns?

One AR-15 was registered to the older brother and the other was not registered, officials said.

The teenager was arrested for making criminal threats while the older brother was arrested on charges including possession of an assault weapon and failure to register a handgun, McDonnell said.

The gun control advocates are perfectly fine with malefactors obtaining deadly weapons while restricting people like me from defending myself against those who would break the "gun control" laws.


Trump-Supporting Father Who Lost Daughter In Florida Shooting Delivers Amazing Speech At White House

LITERALLY FAKE NEWS---> CNN’s Chris Cuomo retweets misleading gun claim, tries to change the subject (Update: Straight to the president’s listening session)