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The Morning Briefing: Comey Memos Released and Much, Much More

Good Friday morning.

Here is what's on the President's agenda today:

  • THE PRESIDENT hosts a roundtable with Republican National Committee supporters in Palm Beach, FL

Comey's memos released; he's not a weasel or sneaky

The Department of Justice has finally released the memos written by Twitter personality, moralist and fired director of the FBI James Comey. Comey wrote the memos memorializing the meetings and conversations he had with President Trump during his brief stint as part of the Trump administration. After Mr. Comey was fired, he leaked the memos to his friend, who was subsequently supposed to leak them to the media to force a special counsel appointment. Here are the memos if you want to read them. Questions surround the propriety of Comey choosing to release the memos to his buddy, as they are a work product that are property of the FBI and might contain classified information.

What's the big deal with these memos? Trump comes out looking pretty good which is the big deal. If your goal is to destabilize, undermine and de-legitimize the Trump administration, these memos throw a wrench in that plan. According to Comey, Trump urged him to investigate any purported RUSSIAN collusion or wrong-doing. Comey made it clear Trump was not suspected of being part of any RUSSIAN meddling. This is information that would make it difficult for the media to work their anti-Trump narrative, their vague ominous references to evil-doing, their non-specific allusions to malfeasance and the non-crime of collusion. He's a RUSSIAN agent, he's corrupt, he's obstructing...blah, blah blah. The memos make it hard to sell this line to the progressive dupes in the resistance via countless hours of silly MSNBC and CNN programming.

My favorite part of the memos:

Amazing: the performative act of Comey informing Trump of the existence of the dossier (but without including the genesis of the dossier, of course) and warning the president that CNN was looking for a news hook to report about it was itself the news hook for CNN to report about it. It's too much.


CNN disagrees that the memos are helpful for Trump Comey memos renew questions over Trump's behavior

Comey memos: Trump had ‘serious’ concerns about Flynn

Justice Department watchdog to report on Clinton-related FBI leaks

Committee Chairs in the House GOP are not amused

The Hill tells us that House GOP leaders "blasted" the Comey memos.

Goodlatte, Gowdy and Nunes wrote that the memos, which were made public Thursday, portray Comey as self-centered and vindicate the president from the suspicion he sought to stop the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election.