Moore Accuser Still Lying About Forged Yearbook Signature

We all know now that Roy Moore accuser Beverly Young Nelson was lying about that signature in the yearbook she claims Moore signed. She admitted she added the date and annotation under the signature in an interview. The New York Post reports,

The woman who showed her high school yearbook  bearing Roy Moore’s signature as evidence that he knew her admitted Friday that she wrote notes on the page herself while still insisting that his John Hancock was legit.

Except there's one glaring problem with this statement. Nelson says that only the date and location were written by her. Does that mean I am to believe Roy Moore signed his first name in black and his last name in blue, the exact same color as Nelson's notes? Oh, stop it.

Lest you think someone monkeyed with the color, this photo was originally put out there by CNN, which we know is the most trusted name in news according to them.

In this video at the 5:52 mark, Nelson calls Moore "Ray" instead of Roy. Looking at the signature it does look more like "Ray" than Roy.

Absolutely everything about this screams fraud.