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Model Emily Ratajkowski Savaged by SJWs for Saying Hair Is 'Fundamental' to Beauty

Emily Ratajkowski had just nailed down a spokesperson job for the hair care company Kérastase when she went and did the unthinkable: she asserted that hair was important, even "fundamental," to beauty.

OK, it's not really unthinkable that someone who had just signed a contract with a company that specialize in hair might employ some mild hyperbole when announcing the new job on social media.

Unless, of course, you are part of the frothing horde of Social Justice Warriors whose only enjoyment in life comes from hovering on social media waiting to complain about people who have better lives than they do.

When the SJWs are howling, HuffPo isn't far behind to give them a platform. Here is the first response from social media that they highlighted:

HuffPo reports that Ratajkowski caved to the outrage and removed the first sentence because people were pointing out "that the caption could be hurtful to people undergoing treatment for cancer, or to people who suffer from hair loss or thinning hair."

Ms. Ratajkowski is not your garden-variety victim of SJW "Worst Person EVER" outrage, though. She is a model at the top of her game, which means there was no shortage of frothing (albeit for a different reason) males on Twitter to leap to her defense. Many implored her not to give in and amend the statement, but that was after the fact and, as most know, really not up to her.

This tweet stood out from the still-hopping-a-day-later Twitter response:

This brings us to the issue of perspective.

I often make fun of people who complain about plot holes or the acting in action movies. When I watch an action flick I GREATLY modify my expectations. Get to the gun play and explosions quickly and I almost don't notice any of the dialog. I am not expecting Jason Statham to win an Academy Award any time soon.

Likewise, on the rare occasions that I am made aware of a fashion model opining on beauty matters for a brand, I am not expecting a Gandhi-esque quote or any sort of world-healing wisdom. I'm expecting something rather shallow. If I read too much into it, the fault is mine, not the model's.