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Missouri House Votes to Ban Kids From Competing in MMA

Perhaps the fastest growing sport in the country is mixed martial arts, or MMA. Popularized by the UFC, MMA has taken the country by storm in the years since the first UFC event was held on pay-per-view.

After initially disturbing many with its brutality, the UFC codified some safety rules that made it far more palatable to the masses. Now, MMA has a massive following throughout the world, and legions of kids clamor to take part.

But if those kids live in Missouri, they may be out of luck. On Thursday, the state's House passed a measure with a 112-29 vote to ban kids under 17 from taking part in the sport.

To be clear, the law doesn't stop kids from learning MMA. But it bars them from competition outside of the training environment.

Are MMA competitions more dangerous than sports like football, hockey, or rugby? The biggest risk factor for kids competing in MMA is concussions. That is a genuine risk, and MMA does carry that risk. It's one of the "big six" sports for concussions, after all.

However, lawmakers aren't putting restrictions on those other five sports.