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Miserable Twitter Troll Doxes Everyone Who Donated to #GoFundTheWall

Man typing at laptop computer

Did you donate money to the GoFundMe page to build the border wall? If you did, there's a good chance this guy/gal or otherkin has doxed your Facebook profile to millions of other nasty trolls who will now make it their business to harass and punish you with anonymous online mobs. Get ready, because your life is about to get more interesting. Based on my personal experience, once these monsters get your information and the directive to destroy you, the death threats, vandalism, obscene pornography, and harassment at work are not far behind. And the worst part is, no one will help you — not the police or the FBI or anyone else whose job it should be to stop intimidation and harassment. Gateway Pundit edited the tweets so identities are hidden. 

Edited Screengrabs from Gateway Pundit

The goal is obvious. The trolls want you fired, ostracized as a racist and a Nazi, and unable to walk down the street unless it's like this:


You all deserve to be publicly shamed, humiliated, and rendered unhireable because you want our nation to enforce current immigration laws. Laws, by the way, that no Democrat ever objects to when they have the White House. They also love border security when they are in charge... or at least they like talking about it because they know it's popular with the American people. So popular, in fact, that the GoFundMe passed 13 million dollars today.

I like the part where Democrat Dick Durbin says the fence they wanted wasn't long enough! Now they're all pretending like it's a criminal enterprise to remedy the problem he articulated! But back to the matter at hand. There's a psychopath trying to get Americans who want national security fired or physically harmed by masked Antifa goons.

I personally reported these tweets to Twitter, saying they are harmful to others. Twitter hasn't done a darn thing. But the offender has had the good sense to block me. Doxing isn't something I normally do, but I would make an exception for this creep. But, of course, he/she/ze/xir is anonymous. None of these people ever have the guts to tell us who they are. They operate in secret from their mothers' basements, unshowered and neck-bearded, flexing finger muscles as they fight imaginary battles on their stained keyboards. They could never stand up to the scrutiny of daylight or the harsh light of exposure they want to throw on everyone else.

I'm tired of being on the run from these psychotic sociopaths. Laws have yet to catch up to cyber harassment, and so even if you are being threatened and those threats turn into actual vandalism at your home (like when my car was vandalized in my driveway after an online troll published a map to my house with an order to find me and shoot me in the head), police won't do anything about it. They won't even try because either there is no law on the books that says internet harassment is a crime (unlike telephone harassment or harassment through the mail, some of which carry felony charges) or they don't know how to apply existing laws and don't have the resources to track down anonymous users. (In my case, the police loved to say they couldn't tell if the threats were coming from down the street or somewhere in Ghana. They refused to look at the evidence I had that pointed to a local.) The best you can do is sue the offender in civil court if you can identify him, which you won't be able to do. Until the laws catch up, there is little anyone can do about it. This article in The Atlantic lays out perfectly the frustration that results from the lack of proper language in the law regarding internet harassment crimes.