Media Has Third-Highest Suicide Rate in the U.S., CDC Report Finds

According to the CDC, suicide is a leading cause of death in this country. In 2016, almost 45,000 Americans committed suicide. To add troubling news to troubling news, the suicide rate has risen 30 percent since 1999. This is a problem that is only getting worse.

In another recently released report, the CDC ranks professions based on rates of suicides. Considering my own job, one of the more shocking details of the report is that "entertainment and the media" sit at number three on the CDC's list ranking professions based on rates of suicides. If broken down between genders, males in entertainment and the media rank number two and females rank number one.

(Those numbers seem confusing — if entertainment and the media rank at number two when only factoring males, and number one when only factoring females, how is the profession number three overall? That seeming disparity reveals another troubling trend  contained within the suicide rate data.)