Maxine Waters Suddenly Isn't Fond of Protesting Elected Officials

Congresswoman Maxine Waters recently advocated that people harass every member of the Trump administration, making it virtually impossible for them to live normal lives simply because she disagrees with their politics. The dangers to everyone involved in this kind of thing and the threat to our civil society are obvious.

Well, she apparently couldn't see one step ahead, because she is now being protested at her office -- and she's warning her supporters to stay away. Apparently she's concerned they might do the things she advocated, but to her.

She's also smearing gun owners as violent.

The Oath Keepers is a group that advocates for former military and law enforcement to remember their oaths should the government come to confiscate their guns. I'm not a fan; the Oath Keepers have a track record of making a lot of noise and then accomplishing nothing. Their part in the Cliven Bundy situation eventually ended with them running away, citing a supposed drone strike that never came, for example. They are reportedly planning a protest of Waters at her Los Angeles office.

Waters has zero reason to believe anyone is in danger. Waters is warning supporters that it will potentially be an "armed protest" because of the Oath Keepers' pro-gun stance and the fact that they have carried firearms at other demonstrations. Of course, protesters who are legally carrying firearms are far less of a safety threat than protesters who show up with clubs and a mask.

Why didn't Waters consider that her supporters whom she told to hound elected officials in public were confronting armed people, too? Where was this concern about violence when she supported screaming at families while they eat dinner?