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Massive Cloud of Flying Midges Descends on Cleveland, Visible on Weather Radars

In what has become an annual ritual in Northeast Ohio in June, the Lake Erie midges have descended upon the area, traveling in swarms large enough to show up on weather radars in Cleveland. The tiny mosquito-like insects are more of a nuisance than a danger, but area meteorologists and residents had plenty to say about them nonetheless.

Jason Nicholas, chief meteorologist at Cleveland 19 News, tweeted out an image of the massive swarm over Cleveland:

Michael Estime, a meteorologist at WKYC TV, tweeted that his station was tracking the midges:

Homa Bash, a reporter at WEWS News in Cleveland, complained about the bugs flying into her mouth while she was trying to record a segment:

Reporter Dan DeRoos from Cleveland 19 shared a picture of a huge cloud of midges floating over the city.

JD Rudd from WEWS-TV showed what the swarm looked like in motion on the weather radar.

Area residents shared their own pictures of the invasion: