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Man Spits on Homeless Guy for 'Making His Grandmother a Slave'

A 27-year-old black man found himself arrested recently when he spit on a 52-year-old homeless guy whose only apparent crime was being white. Yes, it sounds like hyperbole, but it's not.

It also doesn't appear to be a hoax, either.

From The Daily Caller:

Maryland police charged a black man with a hate crime after he allegedly spat in the face of a disabled white man and shouted “all white people are evil.”

Marquis Evans-Royster, 27, walked up to a 52-year-old homeless disabled white man while on a city bus, WJLA-TV reported Monday. Authorities maintained Evans-Royster told the man he owed him because of slavery.

“You owe me for making my grandmother a slave,” Evans-Royster said to the man. According to police, he also turned to other passengers on the bus and yelled, “All white people are evil.” He also allegedly told two of the bus’ white passengers they should be dead.

Clearly, the disabled homeless man was oozing his white privilege all over the place.

Frankly, Evans-Royster is not much of a historian. After all, it's highly unlikely he had a grandmother born prior to December 18, 1865, when the 13th Amendment went into effect.

Yet some will swear that Evans-Royster can't be racist, because supposedly racism = prejudice + power. So he lacks the power to be racist.