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Man Loses Both Legs After Being Licked by Dog

A Wisconsin man has lost both of his legs due to an infection that he caught from a dog. Greg Manteufel was reportedly licked by his own pet. As a result, a bacterial infection called capnocytophaga raged through his body and wreaked havoc.

Initially, Manteufel thought that he had the flu. He went to the emergency room, and was so covered in bruises that it looked as if he had been beaten. Blood tests soon revealed the cause of his symptoms. His body's response to the bacteria "caused Greg's blood pressure to drop, and the circulation in his limbs to decrease rapidly," according to ABC7.

"Sometimes it decreases so much that the arms and legs just die," Dr. Munoz-Price of Froedtert Hospital and the Medical College of Wisconsin said.

Within a week, the doctors needed to remove his legs. While Manteufel's case was most likely caused by his dog, his situation seems to have been a fluke. Most people who have pets never become so ill from something as simple and seemingly harmless as a dog's saliva.

Dawn Manteufel, Greg's wife, said that her husband had been perfectly healthy just a month prior to the incident. A favorite activity of his was riding his Harley-Davidson motorcycle. The Manteufels, though, are looking on the bright side: they're grateful that the doctors were able to save the man's life.