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MAGA Hat Madness, #FakeNews, and the Mob

Teens in MAGA hats taunted by Native American

What a day! Anyone with a Twitter account is watching an absolute train wreck. It all started when someone posted a video with no sound that appeared to look like kids in MAGA hats staring down an elderly Native American man with a drum. It's very important to understand that the first video that was posted has no sound. It allowed the left to insert their own fantasy soundtrack and say that the boys were chanting "BUILD THE WALL" and other jeers directed at Native Americans. Like everything the left claims, it was all a big lie.

When I first saw it, I had the same reaction they were looking for. It looked bad. I thought they were being jerks to an old man. Boy, was I wrong. This small clip did not show any truth at all. I should have known there was clownery afoot when NBC reported the following idiocy: "In social media videos of the incident Phillips can be seen singing as a male taunts him smilingly and gets close to his face."

Taunts him smilingly? Can one taunt a person just by smiling at him? And is "smilingly" an adverb? Who edits this rag? I think if a person has the self-control to be calmly smiling during a tense encounter he should be praised for it. By any definition of the word taunt, smiling should not be one of the descriptors.

If you haven't followed the story, there's a good recap here at The Daily Caller, but nothing about what the major media said about this story is accurate.

True to the nature of The Mob, Kathy Griffin stayed up all night trying to dox these fourteen- and fifteen-year-olds, calling for their names to be posted online so trolls could harass them in real life, including targeting their parents' employers.

The doxing led to fear of being killed.