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London Mayor Sadiq Khan Isn't the Sharpest Knife in the Drawer

Recently, London's murder rate caught up with New York City's. Which is weird, because there shouldn't be any murders in either city. After all, both NYC and the UK have very strict gun laws. As we've learned from our moral, ethical, and intellectual betters on the left, banning guns leads to fewer gun crimes. (That's why the Secret Service doesn't carry them!) So how is this happening? How can such a gun-free utopia be so dangerous? The answer will terrify you: scary, evil KNIVES.

Jason Douglas, WSJ:

A series of stabbings has put the number of murders in London this year on a par with New York, with police and lawmakers blaming the surge on drugs and gang-related violence...

Police said Friday there have been 53 murders in the British capital in the year through April 5, 16 more than the number recorded during the first four months of 2017...

A spokeswoman for the U.K. Home Office said the government is taking action to restrict young people's access to knives and other offensive weapons, such as banning online stores from delivering knives to homes.

This is serious, people. Common-sense gun control has been such a huge success that now it's time for the next step: common-sense knife control.

This is bad news for Jack the Ripper.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan's knife-confiscation effort even has its own website, with a corresponding hashtag:

#Knifefree, eh? Let's hope Londoners don't think this means they're getting bladed weapons without charge.

No offense to Mayor Khan, but I can think of a few good reasons to have a knife. It can come in handy when you need to:

  • Cut up a piece of food
  • Open a box
  • Perform an emergency tracheotomy
  • Spread some nice cream cheese on a bagel
  • Live in a crime-infested $#!+hole like London

If knives are outlawed, only outlaws will have knives.

Banning weapons has never made people safer, and it never will. Criminals don't follow laws in the first place — that's why they're called criminals! — and law-abiding people are just rendered defenseless against attackers. If you ban guns, people will use knives. Or clubs. Or jars of acid. Or whatever else they can get their hands on. Hell, now we know that terrorists and white supremacists will even drive cars and trucks into crowds of people, if that's what it takes. Bad people are always going to find ways to hurt and kill others. And they're always going to prey on those they believe to be defenseless.