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Liberals Grasping at Grassley Straws as Kavanaugh Smearfest 2018 Winds Down

Sen. Chuck Grassley talks to reporters.

On Friday, fresh off their wildly successful attempt to smear soon-to-be Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, liberals decided to capitalize on their momentum and smear Judiciary Committee Chair Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) as a hater of women because of a comment he made that anyone who speaks English — which we assume includes at least some liberal loudmouths — should have been easily able to understand.

Grassley was asked about whether they need more women on the GOP side on the Judiciary Committee and Grassley replied inartfully.


Grassley said, "We can’t do anything about that. You’ve got to have a desire to serve." Pressed, he added, "Well, it’s a lot of work," and said "maybe they don't want to do it."

Naturally CNN and MSNBC panels were convened and Twitter outrage ... well, continued. Because he said women don't want to work, right?

First of all, maybe they don't. Some men don't want to do hard work (cough Dick Blumenthal cough), is it impossible some women don't? That may seem like sophistry, but it actually gets right to what he was saying. He might have said the same thing if they asked why there weren't more men on the committee. As he later explained, they "have a hard time getting men on the committee. It's just a lot of work whether you’re a man or a woman, it doesn’t matter."

This was the obvious interpretation of a poorly stated sentiment said off-hand in a hallway interview. The meaning and intent were bleedingly obvious. Why do you have a hard time recruiting? Because our committee takes more work than other committees.

It would be great if there were Republican women on the committee. They could smack down some nonsense better than a man could. For example, a woman on the committee could say, "Well it's a lot of work, maybe they don't want to do it," if she was asked about why there weren't more women on the committee, and it would be presumed that she meant women should be barefoot in the kitchen. So yeah, that would be great. Maybe soon there will be more women on the committee.

Grassley, who co-chairs the committe with female liberal Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) and has always expressed his respect for her and given her the same due deference and collegial courtesy as anyone else, will welcome those female GOP senators who choose to fill that role.

In the meantime, expect liberals glowing with the huge success of their recent smear campaigns (sarcasm tag) to keep going for the gusto. I mean changing tactics at this point would frankly be a lot of work. And maybe they just don't want to do it.