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Leftist Double Standards: Bashing Scott Pruitt While Ignoring Obama's EPA Scandals

In a story as old as the hills, the progressive machine has placed Scott Pruitt in its sites while ignoring far greater scandals at the EPA when Barack Obama was president. Pruitt, Trump's head of the Environmental Protection Agency, has gotten on the bad side of the Left for having the temerity to demand that regulations be based on actual science. For this heresy, Pruitt now faces the dirt-digging machine of Media Matters for America, among many others in the progressive galaxy.

Funny, that progressive machine, along with its media cronies, was conspicuously silent while the Obama EPA endured some of the biggest scandals in the history of the agency.

Pruitt has kept himself busy overhauling the EPA, reversing several high-profile regulations implemented by the Obama administration. The progressive machine has fought back, not by making a rational case to keep common sense rules in place, but by resorting to mudslinging, dirt digging, and character assassination. Weakening your opponent and making him vulnerable to firing is easier than refuting a logical argument, after all.

Just as one example, Media Matters has pumped out over 50 articles targeting Pruitt since December 2016. This, of course, has helped drive the narrative in the sympathetic, left-leaning mainstream media. Now, the dirt-digging machine of the Left has found what it believes to be several smoking guns of corruption in Pruitt's EPA: excessive expenses in Pruitt's security detail, and a questionable condo rental deal from a lobbyist. Of course, it didn't take long for a coalition of radical environmental groups, funded by the leftist Billionaire's Club, to mount a TV ad buy and social media campaign to #BootPruitt.

Why, it's almost as if this whole campaign were being coordinated from beginning to end.

It's as predictable as it is hypocritical. The media steadfastly refused to cover absurd scandals in the Obama EPA, and the likes of David Brock and Tom Steyer remained completely silent as they used their money and influence to radically alter EPA regulations behind the scenes. Pruitt's transgressions pale in comparison.

Here now, a sampling of the Obama EPA scandals that many want you to forget while they continue to attack Scott Pruitt.

1. FOIA requests denied for conservatives, accelerated for radical environmentalists

In his new book, The Scandalous Presidency of Barack Obama, Matt Margolis points out,

The EPA granted fee waivers to 75 of 82 FOIA requests by green groups for a 92 percent approval rate. But it denied or ignored 21 of 26 fee waivers requests by conservative groups for an 81 percent denial rate. Every denial was overturned on appeal.

2. Lisa Jackson has an alter ego

Remember Richard Windsor? That was the name chosen by Obama's EPA chief, Lisa Jackson, when she wanted to use personal email to coordinate her efforts with radical environmental groups without any oversight. This subterfuge was discovered by Chris Horner, senior fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute. Horner has used FOIA requests relentlessly to unearth government agencies operating outside of their designed roles. Jackson was forced to resign over the scandal.