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Left-Wing Blogger Calls for Drowning of Conservative Students

You've probably never heard of Jesse Farrar, which is understandable considering he dwells in the low places on the Internet that most people don't visit. Farrar has been a contributor for publications like Vice and Deadspin and is self-described on his blog as a "Vice Sports Fantasy Guy, Ball Reporter and Deadspin's Beer Idiot." His blog appears to be dedicated to drinking beer and informing his audience about all the diseases he catches while on the road. He rose to prominence this week when he responded to a tweet about conservative students being given poor grades as a result of their politics with a wish for their death instead.

Farrar doubled down after being given an out to say he was joking.

When contacted, his former editor at Deadspin, Barry Petchesky, chimed in with a seriously indefensible defense of Farrar.

It is important to know that anytime anyone accuses someone of being a "white supremacist" there is a 99.985 percent chance that it is a false charge. By "white supremacist" they just meant middle-of-the-road conservative Republican. (The other .015 percent includes Richard Spencer and his small band of retards who are not Republicans but are actually socialists.) Charlie Kirk is a normal Republican. His organization, Turning Point USA, is a diverse group of Americans concerned with the far-left takeover of college campuses. The group seeks to educate and inform millennials of the benefits of free markets and limited government. (Basically doing the job their high school economics teachers should have done but didn't because...Marxism #Resist!)

We've reached a point in our political discourse where we've sailed way past absurd and landed somewhere around the intersection of schizophrenia and furious rabies. This became evident when Farrar's ex-editor Petchesky actually put in writing that the world would be a better place if conservative students white supremacist fascist thugs were drowned by their Marxist hero professors. Petchesky fears no backlash for agreeing with Farrar that it's fine to joke about killing people who disagree with you because there never is backlash for people like him. Other than this article and a handful of conservative outlets, absolutely no one will care that angry leftists think violence, murder and pogroms are the final solution for all their problems. No one will draw the obvious comparisons between the dehumanizing of Republicans to the dehumanizing of Jews that led to the Holocaust by other socialists several years ago. We are supposed to get over it, lighten up, and most importantly, change all our dearly held beliefs that make these people want to drown us to death before they actually try it. We're just so repulsive, who could blame them?

We are to believe that Farrar is not a harasser (even though he has called for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of conservative college students) nor is Petchesky harassing anyone when he agrees that the world would be better off without our sons and daughters. The true harassers are folks like conservative science fiction author Jon Del Arroz (who has been kicked out of Worldcon and banned from attending) because he is a nasty conservative voice in a genre that requires group-think. If you Google "Jon Del Arroz harasser" you will find all manner of purple-haired equality pushers screeching about being harassed by him and yet no tweets, no screen grabs or other proof of his harassment. There are certainly no tweets from Del Arroz about drowning people he disagrees with politically.