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Kevin Hart Was Taken Down By White Folks, But It's Not Racist Because They're Liberals

In my opinion, Kevin Hart is obnoxious and unfunny. I've had this opinion since the first time I saw him on Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn 15 years ago, and he's done nothing since then to change my mind.* I don't begrudge the guy his massive success, but I find it utterly baffling. Up until today, this opinion was enough to brand me a racist. But now it turns out I was just ahead of the curve.

That's because Kevin Hart just made the biggest mistake you can make in 2018 America. He offended somebody who's above him in the hierarchy of victimhood.

The story ended in the same place it began: Twitter.

Wait, what? They only hired him to host the Oscars on, like, Tuesday. What the hell happened?

This happened:

Etc., etc. It's never been easier to whip up an outrage mob, and they've never needed less of a reason.

In case you missed it, a bunch of white people just ganged up on a black guy and got him fired. But it's okay, they're not racists, because they're the good guys and they have good reasons. What they're doing isn't whitesplaining, they don't need to check their privilege and stay in their lane, because their target offended somebody they want to protect.