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Katie Hopkins: 'The Sh*thole Countries Are Here in Western Europe'

After President Trump allegedly declared certain countries (especially in, but not limited to Africa) "sh*thole countries," "many of us felt a sense of relief," British commentator Katie Hopkins writes at The Rebel. Like many supporters of the president, she believes that, unlike most politicians, Trump is telling it like it is. "Straight talk -- like a blast of fresh air on a clammy bus."

Although she could've focused on that and explained why many of the countries mentioned by Trump are indeed not exactly heaven on earth, she had a different perspective. Instead, she asked her Twitter followers who live in Western Europe whether they are "packing their bags" because they believe their own country is turning into one of the sh*tholes Trump mentioned.

The response to her question was overwhelming. One after another Western European reader explained that they had already left the Old Continent behind or were planning to do so. Steve from Manchester, for instance, left Britain ten years ago and moved to Perth, Western Australia.

"I had lived in the UK for twenty years and seen massive changes and not for the better," Steve explained to Hopkins. He went on to explain that mass migration and the "benefit culture" left "their indelible mark on the place I used to call home." Since he wanted something "better" for his son, Steve and his wife decided to start a new life "somewhere where citizenship was seen as a privilege and not a right; something earned through hard work, good skills and a clean criminal record."

There were also many Western Europeans, Hopkins further writes, who moved (or are going to move) to Hong Kong, where "they don't stand for any nonsense" or New Zealand, which they describe as "an idyllic place for a family."

As many other Western Europeans can undoubtedly tell you, these individuals aren't a very small minority or the exception to the rule. Talking to folks from Sweden, the Netherlands, Britain, and Germany is the fastest way to understand that something is profoundly wrong in Western Europe -- and that Europeans are dreaming of starting afresh somewhere else.

But they are not the only ones leaving -- or thinking about doing so. As Hopkins explains, there are many people who migrated to the United Kingdom (especially) decades ago, who are now thinking about leaving because they've seen the country deteriorate so much in recent years.

One of them, Pasquale, said, for instance:

I feel like the fight is getting to the point where, honestly, I don’t want to be a part of it anymore. I’m happy with people disagreeing with me, but now having anything other than officially sanctioned opinions is a criminal offence.