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So Just Why Is the Left Acknowledging Clinton's Sexual Deviancy Now?

William Jefferson Clinton is long out of the White House. While it looked like he'd be back, allbeit in a different role, that didn't happen. Instead, he's on the outside looking in, much like any other American citizen.

The former president is still very much a part of the national conversation, but not for the reasons he might prefer.

In the wake of Harvey Weinstein and the implosion of Hollywood amid a myriad of accusations of sexual assault and sexual harassment, followed by the alleged foibles of a certain Senate candidate from Alabama named Roy Moore, talk of sexual misconduct is on the tip of almost every tongue.

Now, even the Left is starting to consider whether it's time to talk about Bill Clinton's misdeeds with women.

Make no mistake, this is hardly groundbreaking news. The allegations against Clinton were well-known from before he was elected to the White House. His supporters, much like Moore's backers, simply opted to not believe the allegations against their beloved candidate.

Unfortunately, for some time now, the Left has taken the position that all women deserve to be believed. It's a mantra chanted by them as if it were some kind of magic spell that would make everyone agree.

Yet it's also a sign of hypocrisy that they continued to ignore the words of Juanita Broaddrick and Paula Jones. At no point was this more evident than after Hillary's ill-advised tweet that all women should be believed. She was mocked and derided over that tweet, but as feminists love to say, "nevertheless, she persisted."

In the process, she revealed the Left's hypocrisy. All women deserve to be believed ... to a point.

Then allegations surfaced regarding Roy Moore, a bugaboo for the Left if ever there was one. Moore is notoriously evangelical in his life and his politics, a perfect storm of things progressives fear about the American Right. They're desperate to keep him out of office, and since he hails from one of the reddest of red states, there wasn't much hope.

But then the Washington Post story surfaced, and suddenly they had an in. Even many who don't buy into the argument that all sexual assault accusers should be believed are finding the accusations credible. After all, there are over 30 sources for the story. Democrats finally had a way in. After all, no man so accused of such misconduct should be elected to office.

Except for that Clinton baggage.

Clinton had been accused of sexual misconduct and not only had it been ignored, but even Gloria Steinem took to the pages of The New York Times to engage in behavior any man would be eviscerated by feminists for doing. She not only defended Clinton but attacked his accusers -- everything we're not supposed to do.