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Jackson County, Mo., Sheriff Resigns Amid Sleazy Sex Scandal and Misuse of Taxpayer Dollars

Jackson County Sheriff Mike Sharp smiles.

Jackson County Sheriff Mike Sharp is resigning his post in Kansas City amid explosive allegations involving the misuse of taxpayer dollars and a ménage à trois between the sheriff, a female employee, and his now ex-wife.

The Kansas City Star reported that Sharp, a Democrat, acknowledged in court documents that he gave an administrative assistant in the sheriff's office $8,000 as a down payment to buy a house after she sued the county for sexual harassment. Sharp has admitted to having had a sexual relationship with the employee, Christine Lynde, for five years, a relationship that some say was an "open secret" in the sheriff's office.

Sharp and Lynde have owned the house since last year, court records show. The pair have also allegedly taken some "personal and professional trips" together in part on the taxpayers' dime, according to court documents.

Sharp testified in his deposition that he and Lynde went on a cruise together to Mexico and also "went on trips to Phoenix, New Orleans, Washington D.C., Branson and the Lake of the Ozarks during the time she was suing Jackson County."

Court records also say Sharp approved multiple promotions and pay raises for Lynde, to the point where she became the highest-paid civilian employee in the department. He also gave her perks that other county employees did not get, such as a bi-weekly $240 car allowance and permission to work from home, the documents say.

Sharp also acknowledged in a partial deposition attached to an April 11 court document that he, Lynde, and his now ex-wife had sex together.

In her 2016 sexual harassment lawsuit, Lynde alleged that she was sexually harassed by two female co-workers, as well as Sharp’s second in command, Col. Hugh Mills, at the Jackson County Sheriff's Office.

In a bizarre twist, Lynde claimed that the hostile work environment stemmed from a 2013 incident in which she was accused of sexually assaulting a then-sheriff's department employee in a motel room after a night of drinking.

The employee told Lee's Summit police that Lynde removed the woman’s shirt and encouraging a male friend to take photographs of her on a bed in the motel.

The woman told police she was unsure what happened next, according to their report, but awoke to find her pants had been removed. She then quickly left the motel.

When she told Sharp about the incident, he showed "resentment" toward her, the report said. The employee told police that she believed "this was a result of Lynde and Sheriff Sharp being friends."