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Is Everyone Just Like Hitler?



My sons started playing a game about ten years ago when they were in their early and mid-teens. If I was doing something, usually something perfectly normal, particularly if I told them, “Wait a minute, while I finish writing this post,” they’d say: “You know who else wrote posts?” -- and the answer would be “Hitler.”

Younger son, who is… uh… like me, threw in a new wrinkle: When I got exasperated and said “Hitler” before he could, he would say “Good Lord, no. What made you think that?” with an expression of theatrical horror.

Little did I know the left would be playing this for real. And honestly, now I wonder if the kids were saying that because their teachers were already playing at this nonsense.

Look, before we go any further, yeah, Hitler was a despicable human being. I have absolutely no problems with reviling Hitler or making Hitler into a horror. He was, even if he was also an amateur compared to Stalin and a piker compared to Mao, at least when it came to killing humans in batch lots while perverting and corrupting an entire society. But he did it too, and in the list of monsters produced by mankind, he comes in pretty high.

Which is exactly why it is ridiculous that the left runs around calling everything they don’t like Hitler. I don’t know about you, but I’m offended.

Some of the (ah!) luminaries of my field are assuring us that the right wing thinks just like Hitler, and they’re probably right, in the sense that we sometimes think things like “I’d like some coffee” and “where did I put my shoes?” and “it’s raining” and “I’m cold.”

Other than that, not so much.

I mean, there are some things that we agree on, sure. Let’s take Hitler’s 25 point Nazi program. (No, you take it. I don’t want it.) Is there anything there I agree with? Actually, there are. I think well of:

  1. All citizens must possess equal rights and duties.

I’m also okay with the first part of this:

  1. We demand freedom for all religious faiths in the state, insofar as they do not endanger its existence or offend the moral and ethical sense of the Germanic race.

I think that’s about it. I mean, there was the thing about only citizens voting, which would normally be a “duh,” but you know the Nazis had funny ideas of citizenship, so we’ll leave it alone, okay?

I’m sure that the left thinks we agree with the Nazis on matters of who can become a citizen and who deserves to be an American, but look, we’re not actually responsible for the delusional states of our fellow citizens, okay? We’ve told them any number of times that we really don’t, as a matter of fact – except for a very few sad specimens who are neither left nor right, just crazy – believe in blood-and-soil. That's a thing of Europe and somewhat justified there, honestly, since at least the narrative of the European nations is blood-and-soil. We have told them we don’t believe any of that stuff. We’ve drawn them pictures. We’ve shouted it at them. They still refuse to hear us, because the voices in their heads are so loud.