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Iowa Town Causes Uproar by Shooting Feral Cats

The small town of Jefferson, Iowa, has suspended its program of shooting feral cats after a public outcry condemning the town's actions as inhumane.

In the aftermath of the uproar, The Washington Post reports that,

City administrator Mike Palmer said Friday that Mayor Craig Berry told council members Tuesday that he’d discussed the practice in a meeting with officials from the Animal Protection and Education organization and the Animal Rescue League of Iowa. The decision to suspend the shooting of feral cats came soon after that.

The program of shooting feral cats was started as a cost-cutting initiative. More "humane" methods of disposing of unwanted cats are much more expensive than a bullet. The city ordinance allowed citizens of Jefferson to request a trap from the town's police department. Upon trapping a cat, the citizen would notify the authorities, who would then dispose of the cat by shooting it.