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Internet Rallies for Disabled Veteran Besieged by SJWs, Raises $21,000 and Counting

The internet is usually a bleak place filled with trolls and porn with occasional cute cat videos thrown on top to soften the blow. But sometimes, very rarely, the internet lets us glimpse into the hearts of humankind that have not gone to seed.

Last week, PJ Media reported about Will Caligan, a conservative disabled veteran who lost his job after offending the Transgender Mafia with science. Caligan is a talented comics artist who found himself in a bigoted work environment run by people hostile toward anyone with conservative Christian views. Instead of tolerance, Caligan experienced public shaming, threats, a job loss, and colleagues turning their backs on him after he stated a man can not change his DNA based on wishes.

Sane people everywhere were alarmed and dismayed that a person could lose his livelihood after one inconsequential exchange on social media. So within hours of PJ Media publishing that story, Vox Day of Castalia House Publishing reached out to Caligan and offered him a project.

Day also published a Periscope on the subject, relaying the message that victims of SJW lynch mobs will not be left behind anymore. PJM reached out to Day for comment:

One of the most important aspects of the Will Caligan's Comic campaign is sending the SJWs the message that even when they successfully swarm and disemploy someone, that person will not be left behind. What we are doing is publicly defanging the isolate-and-starve strategy that they use to keep everyone intimidated and silent in the face of the SJW narrative.

When people see that they will actually be better off as a result of being attacked by an SJW swarm, they will be less reluctant to stand up for themselves and their beliefs.

True to his word, Day launched a Freestartr project on January 22nd with a goal of raising $7500 to fund hiring Caligan to turn one of Castalia House's books into a graphic novel. A few hours after launching, the project raised $21,000 and Caligan was becoming a hot commodity.

Caligan is humbled by the outpouring of support from the comics community, but not used to the attention as his profile has been launched into the national spotlight. The attention can only bring positive things, however, as the industry is buzzing about Caligan and his work. All Short Fuse Media seems to have accomplished with their politically correct panic attack is to push Caligan to the next level of his career.

Now, not only is Castalia House funding a project for Caligan, but other publishers are following suit.

Chris Kennedy Publishing has contacted Caligan to turn one of their books into a graphic novel as well. "We are in talks with Will Caligan to have him do a graphic novel conversion for one of the books in the Four Horsemen Universe that Mark Wandrey and I have put together," says Kennedy. "We're still wrapping up how the financing for it will work and hope to have that completed soon. The bottom line, though, is yes, it looks like it's going to happen. I think Will is very excited about the project, and I know we are."