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If the Dems Want to Lose the Wall Fight, All They Have to Do Is Keep Talking

Less than two weeks in, 2019 is already exponentially dumber than 2018. Now we're debating whether a flat vertical surface can ever serve as an effective barrier between two points. I'm a #BuildTheWall skeptic, but the Dems are really starting to bring me around to the other side. The more they talk, and the more I pay them the courtesy of taking their arguments against a border wall seriously, the more I wonder why anybody would bother to take their arguments seriously. But let's give it a go.

Hey, did you know that walls are bad because the idea is so old? Um, hello, it's [current year] and we have power tools now!

That's right: Saws cut through steel. This would've been good to know before we started this debate. Why even bother building something if it can be destroyed with the proper motivation and equipment? Nice try, Trump!

Democrats support border security, which is why they don't want to put up solid steel barriers that you have to saw through to get in. That would actually make Americans less safe, because words have no meaning.

"Walls are 1st Century technology." I'm pretty sure people were building defensive walls for thousands of years before that? But forget it, Ted's rolling.

Why does it matter how old the technology is? Knives predate recorded history, and you're not going to fend off an armed attacker by scoffing, "What, that old thing?"

Ancient technology has stuck around this long because... drum roll please... it actually works! A wall is a barrier. Yeah, any barrier can be breached, but first the invader has to breach it. It's a deterrent. That's the point.

Here's another one: Even if you build a wall out of some impenetrable substance, like the metal in Wolverine's claws or the bones in Ted Lieu's skull, how is that going to stop anybody from going under it?

Wouldn't it take a lot longer to tunnel under a wall than to walk across the ground where a wall could be built? Wouldn't that discourage people, and slow down the ones determined to do it anyway? Shouldn't Nancy Pelosi's aides stop briefing her on these things by pointing to old Superman comic books?