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Hungary's PM: Migrants Aren't Refugees, but Muslim Invaders

In an interview with German newspaper Bild, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has said that the "the migrant crisis" is, in effect, "an invasion."

When asked by Bild why Hungary hasn't deemed itself able to welcome two thousand refugees while Germany has let in two million of them, Orban answered: "[T]he difference is: you want those migrants. We do not. We do our job by closing the Schengen-border with Serbia. Doing so has cost us one billion euros since 2015 and Brussels pays us nothing for it."

"The solution to this problem isn't to divide people who are illegally in the EU among EU member states. We believe that we have to solve the root of the problem instead of bringing these immigrants here [Europe]," the prime minister continued.

"We do not consider these people as Muslim refugees. We consider them as Muslim invaders. To travel to Hungary from Syria they have to cross through four other countries that are, although not as rich as Germany, certainly stable. They don't flee for their lives. This proves that they are economic migrants seeking a better life," Orban concluded.

Bild then asked Orban whether this makes those migrants inferior in some way. "If someone wants to come to your home," the PM answered, "then he knocks on the door and asks: 'Can we come in, can we stay?' They did not do that. Instead, they broke through the border illegally. That was not a wave of refugees, that was an invasion."

He then lashed out at Germany for welcoming these illegals. "I have never understood how in a country like Germany -- which we see as the best example of discipline and the rule of law -- chaos, anarchy and the illegal crossing of borders can be celebrated," Orban declared.

Orban then continued to blame Germany's political leaders (rightfully) for the refugee crisis. "Although the refugee crisis is a European problem," he explained, "sociologically it is a German problem. When your government addressed the EU refugee quota [the EU wants every country to welcome a specific amount of refugees], why did the Portuguese prime minister cry out: 'Welcome!'? Because not one single refugee actually wants to go to Portugal. They all want to go to Germany. The reason why these people are in your country isn't that they're refugees, but that they want to experience the German way of life."

"However," he went on, "I can only speak for the Hungarian people and they do not want mass migration. To my understanding of democracy, it isn't possible for the government to not honor the will of the people. We are talking about national sovereignty and the cultural identity of the country. We must preserve the right to decide who can live in Hungary."