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Humorless Left Turns Fun Prom Photo Into National Outrage

The humorless Left is driven to hijack every issue, including a fun moment like family prom pictures. On Saturday, Jay Feely, a retired NFL kicker, tweeted a photo of his daughter, himself, and her boyfriend before the students left for the event:

As you can see, Feely is holding a gun and the two young people are both sporting a bemused look on their faces. The Left wasn’t happy.

Feely later felt the need to apologize, explaining the photo was a joke and his gun had no clip:

Clay Travis, a sportswriter and radio host, said one of the six biggest stories in sports on Sunday, despite the NBA and NHL playoffs, was Jay Feely’s prom photo with his daughter and her boyfriend -- simply because of Leftist outrage like this:

Do Feely’s daughter and her boyfriend look upset or anxious? No, in fact the opposite. Feely’s daughter not only looks relaxed, but she’s eyeing him in an amused, adoring way -- the way many daughters who feel safe, loved, and secure look at their fathers. Her boyfriend also looks bemused, along with Feely, who seems smug but not threatening. If anything, this photo demonstrates the natural order of family: The first man a daughter loves is her father. He should be safe, secure, responsible and mature. In time, she will grow to love other men but until that day, the father must always be that firm anchor.

And maybe, her boyfriend is learning something through Feely's joke about how to let your daughter know she is loved.

Though Feely has already addressed the “gun violence” issue, it’s worth asking: Why does the Left have to make absolutely everything about their issue de jour? It’s clear that Feely loves his daughter; she feels safe with him and so does her boyfriend. Yet in order to make a political point, the left twists the obvious context. They present a tweet like this as evidence that men are toxic, guns are evil, and fathers protecting their daughters is a sign of misogyny, not love.