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House Committee Examines Whether Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Lied in His Testimony

On Tuesday, the House Energy and Commerce Committee confirmed that it is reviewing Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey's testimony before the committee in September after the social media company suspended a Marine combat veteran and explicitly endorsed the political stance of support for transgender activism in its "hateful conduct" policy.

"The committee is aware of Twitter’s actions and is currently reviewing Mr. Dorsey’s testimony," a committee spokesperson told PJ Media, confirming the news first reported by the Federalist's Sean Davis.

The spokesman did not explicitly name which Twitter actions inspired the search, or which Dorsey statements most merit scrutiny. Davis suggested the committee was responding to questions about Twitter's suspension of Jesse Kelly — a Marine combat veteran, writer, and radio show host — and its Orwellian redefinition of opposition to transgender identity as "hateful conduct."

The Federalist's Ben Domenech reported on Monday that Dorsey gave false statements about Twitter's response to death threats against prominent conservatives and about whether or not Twitter policies discriminated against users based on their politics.