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Gutfeld Skewers MSM Race-Baiting With a Deftly Sarcastic Tweet Storm

On Friday's episode of Fox News' "The Five," Greg Gutfeld used a discussion of the Frederica Wilson/John Kelly brouhaha to lambaste the mainstream media for the way they casually label anyone they don't agree with as racist. Here is the relevant clip and here is the full episode of the show. On Saturday, Gutfeld sort of followed this up with a tweet storm that mocked the media and social justice warriors.

He Starts With Some Digs At CNN

He Moves On To White Privilege

He doesn't specifically point out network or reporter names for the rest of it, but we know who he's lampooning.

Gotta Get a 'Dog Whistle' Shout in There

Sounds Like Something Maddow Would Say

Here Are a Couple for the Most Easily Offended

And We're Back to Anderson Cooper

As has been pointed out numerous times by myself and others, we live in a time that is almost impossible to parody or deal with satirically.