Graphic 1916 Painting of Female Genitalia Appears on Giant NYC Street Ad

Kids, teens, and their possibly red-faced parents strolling through New York City's heavily foot-trafficked Soho neighborhood are getting an eyeful today.

A large hand-painted mural of Egon Schiele's 1916 "Reclined Female Nude" appears on the side of a building at 220 Lafayette Street in the Soho neighborhood of Manhattan this week. Measuring approximately 10 feet by 15 feet, the startlingly graphic mural is being used by the Vienna Tourist Board to promote 100 years of the "Viennese Modernism" art movement:

Clearly visible to the public, the mural appears to be in violation of the relevant state law: New York Penal Section 245.11 -- Public Display Of Offensive Sexual Material.

However, local government apparently approved it.

Via email, PJMedia asked the Vienna Tourist Board if New York City "agreed to allow" the mural. Ava Rollins of Ava Rollins & Associates -- the PR agency representing the Vienna Tourist Board on this campaign in New York -- answered affirmatively:

[T]he mural conforms to our regional ad standards + practices in New York, and was allowed in the painted form you see.