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Google Workers Quit Over Pentagon Drone Contract

It turns out that SJWs employed by Google have more to worry about than factual emails. Trampling all over their constitutional right to a safe space at all times and places, Google had the nerve to sign a contract with the Pentagon. SJW Google employees, upset that their employer has the nerve to make money to help build AI drones, have quit and/or signed a strongly worded petition.

The contract in question calls for Google to develop artificial intelligence that will aid in analyzing footage taken by military drones. You know, the type of technology that can help our military become even more adroit at hitting their intended targets while avoiding civilian casualties. However, many of Google's employees are not happy with their company being connected to the military, no matter the project.

Several of the offended Google employees spoke with Gizmodo. The article provides further details about the minor mutiny at Google. "The resigning employees’ frustrations range from particular ethical concerns over the use of artificial intelligence in drone warfare to broader worries about Google’s political decisions—and the erosion of user trust that could result from these actions," according to the report. "Many of them have written accounts of their decisions to leave the company, and their stories have been gathered and shared in an internal document, the contents of which multiple sources have described to Gizmodo."

Since learning about the project titled Maven about three months ago, upset Google employees have lobbied the company to can the program. Based on the account in Gizmodo, about a dozen are quitting in protest at what they feel is a lack of transparency and an unwillingness to listen to the workers. Almost 4,000 Google employees have signed the petition. The article asserts, "Historically, Google has promoted an open culture that encourages employees to challenge and debate product decisions. But some employees feel that their leadership no longer as attentive to their concerns, leaving them to face the fallout. "

“Over the last couple of months, I’ve been less and less impressed with the response and the way people’s concerns are being treated and listened to,” said one of the employees who resigned.

In the past, upset employees have been able to persuade Google management to reverse course on decisions. In 2015, employees banded together with customers and convinced Google to reverse its decision to ban sexually explicit content on Blogger. This time, though, the upset workers are having much less success.

However, the mounting pressure from employees seems to have done little to sway Google’s decision—the company has defended its work on Maven and is thought to be one of the lead contenders for another major Pentagon cloud computing contract, the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure, better known as JEDI, that is currently up for bids.