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Give Us Your Poor and Your Tired, but Make Sure They Wish to Breathe Free


This week, as I’m trying to get over upper respiratory crud, the world has been going mad over the president referring to some countries as “sh*tholes” and wondering why we need more people from them.

As the left throw themselves on the floor and refuse to breathe, lost in the noise and grinding of teeth is the fact that these words apparently came up during a discussion of the lottery visas that aim to increase our “diversity.”

In other words, these are visas we give to people because they tan an interesting shade, or come from “underrepresented” countries, in order to….  I don’t know. And neither does anyone else. No one has ever, in fact, demonstrated any benefits to “diversity” of genetic background or gender chromosomes, or any other of the protected classes that count as “diversity.”

In fact, what we know of tribal societies trying to transition to the modern/country age is that the more people identify with their tribal sub-identity, the less well integration will work, and the more the country will be held down. Unless that is our intent, then what really is the point?

As for referring to these countries as sh*tholes, really, honestly, do you think he’s not echoing the opinions many people are afraid to voice out loud?

I don’t have an opinion on the definition, mostly because I’m not sure what it takes for a country to be a “sh*thole,” but I would think since some of the countries included can’t even provide clean water to a sizable portion of their population, and more or less live off international charity, they might want to take the tag and wear it. As for President Fox having issues with this monicker, perhaps reining in the rampant corruption in Mexico, curbing the drug lords, providing enough of a rule of law and a free economy that your people don’t need to emigrate en masse, and ensuring your country doesn’t use their remittances for a large portion of their GDP would be a better use of his time than shouting insults at Trump.

But the president is intemperate, and perhaps his not wholly inaccurate use of words is a minor distraction. The real questions on the table are: Why do we have a diversity visa lottery? Why does the left lose their minds at the idea we won’t take people “in need”? Why not take the immigration policy in the direction of “what benefits America” instead of as a sort of charity organization that must favor people from ah… failed countries.

I don’t even necessarily oppose a moratorium on immigration for at least a limited time, but I believe the world is full of potential Americans and that some of them have the skills and the work ethic to be an asset to America.