#Gaytivities Making Christmas Gay Again

Donald Trump promised to bring Christmas back in a big way and has been delivering on that promise. People are reporting from all over the country that the fear of saying "Merry Christmas" is gone this year as companies have stopped warning employees to use "Happy Holidays" instead. It seemed to only take a change in leadership to put our biggest national holiday back in the spotlight where it belongs in this season of peace and merriment.

Did I say season of peace? That would suggest that the gaystappo decided to take the season off from insulting Christians, but of course, that didn't happen. Instead the LGBTQWTF brigade is out in force on Twitter trending the hashtag #Gaytivities, showing their personal nativity displays with two Marys or two Josephs kneeling over a baby Jesus.

This is nothing short of desecrating Christ, which is par for the course for the left every time one of His holidays rolls around. You can feel the madness in the air surrounding this. The rage at not being able to lead the national conversation anymore is addling brains. The gaystappo skipped right over winning hearts and minds to their cause and went straight to napalm.

The LGBTQWTF crowd just loves urinating on traditions and then howling "homophobe" at the people whose traditions were just trashed. For decades now we've been asking nicely for them to please just leave us alone. Be whatever two-spirited, pansexual, transracial freak you want to be, but leave us (and our kids) out of it. They just can't. Instead of creating their own alternative traditions and celebrations, they desecrate ours for fun. Marriage is a joke, entertainment is porn, sex education is a horror show, and now they want Christmas.

I'm a Christian. This offends me. But I can still smile because Jesus is Lord, God is in His heaven, and Christmas is making a  YUGE comeback!