Foster Friess May Use His Billions to Counter Bannon's 'War' on GOP Incumbents

In case you missed it, former White House strategist Steve Bannon recently told Fox News that he's willing to wage "war" against any incumbent Republicans in Congress who are resisting President Trump's agenda and up for re-election next year.

According to Fox Business, billionaire GOP donor Foster Friess isn't interested in contributing to Bannon's war right now.

Friess told Fox Business that he does understand the "frustrations" of fellow Republicans, but that he's more interested in focusing on the defeat of vulnerable Democrats in states that Trump won in 2016.

For frustrated conservatives, both men seem like they have plans we can get behind.

Friess has something that Bannon doesn't--billions of dollars. True, Bannon has media reach that most don't. Not only is he back in charge at Breitbart, but the MSM is practically obsessed with him. Every move he makes right now gets coverage.

Sound familiar?

Thus far, Friess has only committed to the defeat of the aforementioned Democrats, but Fox Business notes that he has the wherewithal to give a lot of money to any Republicans Bannon may go after. Friess bankrolled Rick Santorum, so it's not like he is intent on working new blood into the mix.