‘Feminist Business School’ Teaches Students to Shun Profit-Seeking

The Feminist Business School, founded by Evergreen State College graduate Jennifer Armbrust, teaches that capitalism is an “economy that values masculine traits” such as “meritocracy,” “competition,” and “individualism.” The California-based site recently launched two more online courses to coach aspiring businesswomen on how to “topple the patriarchy” and promote a more “feminist economy.”

Shunning the “profit seeking motive” of traditional commerce, the Feminist Business School advocates that businesswomen adopt more “feminine traits” such as “gratitude,” “intimacy,” and “connecting with nature.”

“The feminine economy proposes a new set of values and redistribution of money and power based on feminine principle,” argues Armbrust on the program’s website. As PJ Media reported last month, the school’s first offering was a “Concepts and Conceptions” course dedicated to helping women give “birth” to a feminist business.

It turns out that $1,200 is the current break-even rate for learning how to overthrow capitalism. The school claims that 19 of the 20 slots for the program were filled.

As a follow-up to that first class, the Feminist Business School is now soliciting applicants for a twelve-week “Structures and Support” course set to begin in March.

“There is no template for radical entrepreneurship. An out-of-the-box solution for feminist business doesn't exist,” the course description states. “Only you can engineer a business the embodies your values, fulfills your unique needs, and enlivens your purpose.” Just like the first class, the Structures and Support class will guide students along the process of “birthing a business” through the lens of feminist theory.