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Fake News Media Doubles Down with Another Covington Catholic MAGA Teen Smear

Covington Catholic High School kids shout during a "blackout" basketball game.

The stunning media bias directed against a group of Trump-supporting Catholic kids who were confronted by a black separatist hate group and a Native American group led by a mendacious, drum-beating elder in Washington, D.C., last Friday has abated but not gone away.

Some media outlets have backed away from their erroneous takes, while others are still stubbornly clinging to the idea that the kids were in the wrong and the Native Americans who were harassing them were somehow their victims.

As bad as that is, a few others have actually doubled down with more smears aimed at defaming the kids' school, Covington Catholic High, in an effort to feed their confirmation bias that the kids are a bunch of racist redneck hillbillies.

The New York Daily News and the Daily Mail stepped up to the plate in a big way.

The photo "is said to be featuring Covington Catholic High School students clad in blackface during a 2015 basketball game," the New York Daily News passive aggressively reported. The pic "made the rounds on Twitter Monday morning amid last week’s Indigenous Peoples March controversy," the Daily News sports staff added (because no one wanted to sign their name to this nonsense).

Number one: The article claims that the photo is from 2015, but it's apparently from 2011. So despite the article's contention that the photo "won’t help Kentucky student Nick Sandmann’s case," it has nothing to do with him or any of the other kids who were in D.C. for the March for Life. They would have been in elementary school at the time.

Number two: It's called a "blackout" game, you dummies. This has been going on at school games since at least 2008, according to this New York Times report:

No team has pulled off the blackout with as much aplomb as baseball’s White Sox last Tuesday night — the same night that Middle Tennessee State’s football team celebrated an appearance on ESPN2 with a blackout of its own. Fans flipping channels might have thought the color had gone out on their flat screens.

With a day’s notice, a crowd of 40,354 arrived in black at U.S. Cellular Field for a tie-breaker game with the Twins. The team handed out 40,000 black towels.

It cast a fresh, eerie and somewhat intimidating backdrop to Chicago’s 1-0 victory.