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Exposing the SPLC's False 'Anti-Muslim' Smears Against the Trump Administration

Last week, the White House announced a new assistant to National Security Advisor John Bolton. Like clockwork, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) published an attack on the new employee three days later. Both Bolton and Charles M. Kupperman, the new assistant to the president, have worked for the Center for Security Policy (CSP), a group the SPLC has falsely labeled an "anti-Muslim hate group."

"It seems there's just a determined effort by the Left and the mainstream media to smear anyone who works for the Trump administration," Fred Fleitz, CSP senior vice president for policy and programs and former chief of staff of Trump's National Security Council (NSC), told PJ Media on Wednesday. Fleitz blasted the SPLC label, explaining that the Center for Security Policy is against radical Islam, not Islam itself.

"I just want to say definitively that Muslims are an important part of our society," Fleitz said. "They are our friends and neighbors, doctors and lawyers, they deserve to live in peace without harassment. We're lucky to have them."

"I think that we have a proud record of standing up against radical Islam, but to say we have prejudice against Muslim people is absolutely false," the CSP senior vp said. "Muslims are part of our country and our society, this is a good thing. But what we don't welcome is the radical ideology that promotes violence."

Fleitz decried "the radical ideology that has inspired radical Islamist attacks in Orlando, San Bernardino, at the Boston Marathon. This is not an issue of being against a religion, but being against an ideology."

"Radical Islam is a bigger threat to Muslims in the world than non-Muslims. What's unfortunate is that the Left simply refuses to look at this," the former NSC chief of staff explained. "They tar anyone who attacks radical Islam as an 'Islamophobe' and a 'hater.' For some reason, they refuse to acknowledge the nature of this threat."

Indeed, women across the Muslim world face honor killings, genital mutilation, forced dress codes, bans on driving, and more.  Gay people have been thrown off of buildings.

Last month, a large coalition of women who fled the Middle East after experiencing horrific sexual tortures under radical Islam endorsed President Donald Trump for re-election in 2020.

"I feel safe right now, even though I receive death threats, because we have a president who dares speak the truth," Rabia Kazan, a best-selling author and president of the Middle Eastern Women's Coalition, told PJ Media at the time. Kazan grew up in Turkey and spent years undercover investigating the abuse of women in Iran.

Kazan bitterly accused former President Barack Obama and the Democrats of intimidating whistleblowers like her into silence by branding them "Islamophobic."