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EU Leader Threatens UK: 'All EU Policies Will Continue To Apply'

The leader of the supposed "liberals" in the European Parliament, Guy Verhofstadt, has taken to Twitter to inform the Brits that he and his friends will not allow any "cherry-picking in the Brexit transition."

By that, he means that "all EU legislation, all EU policies will continue to apply" to the United Kingdom, even while the UK is preparing to get out of the Union altogether. "The only exception is," the former Belgian PM continued, "that the UK will no longer be represented in the institutions that decide on legislation & policies":

In other words, Brussels intends to dictate to the UK what it can and can't do during a transition that will take several years. During that period, British voters will have no say in new EU legislation, but they'll have to obey them nonetheless.

As I wrote on Twitter myself: who made Verhofstadt Europe's dictator?

A few Belgian voters put him into Europe's Parliament, but none of the EU's other peoples have given him even one iota of power. He's nothing more (or less, sure) than a representative of one of Europe's smallest and least influential countries: Belgium. Which is, as Nigel Farage put it so eloquently several years ago, "hardly a country" at all.

It goes to show how incredibly arrogant the European elites have become. They despise democracy because they despise the people. They have just one goal: to make the EU more powerful. When we the people stand in the way, we'll be shoved aside.