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Employee at Ford Office Fired After Disagreeing With Transgender Post

In October 2018, Ford Motor Company bragged about supporting a male engineer in his transition to a transgender identity. A contractor at a Michigan plant had the audacity to respond with a comment disagreeing with transgender identity. That very day, he was let go. Ford claims the company didn't fire him, but the former contractor insisted otherwise in comments to PJ Media.

"Ford said that because of my comment and the intolerance that it represented (or so they accused me of) that my services to them would cease immediately," the former contractor, who wished to remain anonymous, told PJ Media. "I was told this in an unscheduled 1 on 1 meeting with my boss and an HR representative. I was told to pack up my belongings immediately, to leave my badge and computer, then I was walked out of the building like a criminal."

"I am quite sure this post was the reason!" he insisted.

The former contractor provided an image of the Ford transgender post and another image of his response. The company's photo showed a transgender man waving a rainbow flag, walking near a car emblazoned with rainbows and the Ford logo, with the caption, "An Evolution to Happiness: Ford's Progressive Corporate Culture Helps Engineer Take Transformative Step."

In response, the contractor commented, "Human beings are male or female, the socio-cultural reality of gender cannot be separated from one’s sex as male or female." He told PJ Media this response "was posted as a 'comment' on the Ford article along with comments from several other employees."

"Nearly all of the comments were singing the praises of the transgender cause whereas I was hoping to inject a statement of truth in order to bring about a genuine, constructive discussion for the good of the transgender employee the article featured," he insisted. "Ford saw my comment as intolerant and at odds with its progressive ideologies."

Even if the contractor's position on gender and sexuality is correct, it may not have been wise for him to post his comment on the internal message board given the company's clear position. The comment may have been interpreted as a form of insubordination.

While the former contractor held to his original statement, he also admitted that "in hindsight it is easy to say it was unwise, but I had no way of knowing this would be the outcome beforehand."

The former contractor insisted he was not made aware of any official policy Ford may have on transgender issues. "If Ford does have a policy on such issues, I am not aware, nor was I made aware during my time there," he said. "I was not given a warning of any sort, either."