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Elizabeth Warren Put Her 'American Indian' Lie in Writing

First we stole their land. Then Elizabeth Warren stole their identity.

Hey, remember when ol' Liz claimed to be Native American? Remember how ticked off she got when we pointed out that she's whiter than Frosty the Snowman drinking a glass of milk while listening to ABBA in a mayonnaise factory? Remember when she got so angry about Trump's constant "Pocahontas" taunting that she spent a lot of money on this hilarious video?

Remember how her enablers in the press gloated over her supposed victory? Remember how embarrassed they were when that DNA test actually proved she has about 1/1024th Native American heritage, if any? Remember how she had to publicly admit that she's not Native American, after accusing her critics of racism for noticing she's not Native American? Remember how she had to grovel to Native American leaders for forgiveness?

That was all fun to watch. And now we have even further proof of this white woman's forked tongue. Gregg Re, Fox News:

Massachusetts Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren indicated that her race was "American Indian" in a handwritten registration form filed in 1986 with the Texas State Bar, according to a new report on Tuesday that documents the presidential hopeful's efforts to identify as a minority during her earliest days as a law professor.

The revelation, initially reported by The Washington Post, is the first known instance of Warren claiming Native American ancestry in an official document or in her own handwriting...

Past reporting by several outlets, including CNN, had indicated that Warren "had not" listed herself as a minority in her "student applications and during her time as a teacher at the University of Texas."

Well, so much for that lie. Here's the proof:

This was back in the '80s, before it was racist to say "American Indian." Now we're supposed to say "Native American," even though that's dumb too. None of the people who lived here before European colonization called this place "America." They're no more "Americans" than they are "Indians." But whatever you prefer to call the people who are indigenous to this continent, you shouldn't claim to be one of them if you're not.

What is it with Democrats pretending to be a different race? If they're not lying about their ancestry for career advancement, they're running around in blackface!

Yes, Liz, it's offensive to pretend to be a different race.

Speaking of Native Americans and chronic liars, there's a guy who's both, and he can count on Warren's support.